About the Firm

Bernstein & Associates, Architects creates successful projects through architectural design that is creative, thoughtful, and comprehensive. Founded in 1990, the firm has an excellent track record of successful projects and satisfied clients. Over the last twenty five years, we have developed an options-oriented, collaborative process working with clients in healthcare, laboratories, and commercial.

There are many parameters of a successful healthcare project, and these are the drivers of our design: understanding the flow and needs of each specialty, functionality, ergonomics, comfort, patient privacy, visual/spatial appeal, environments which look good on day one and for many years to follow, ability to be maintained, and healthy as well as healing environments. Our clients are the patients, the patient’s family and friends, the medical staff, the administration, and the facilities managers. The firm has extensive experience with almost every healthcare project type, a wide range of prominent hospital and private healthcare facilities, extensive healthcare references as well as healthcare publications. For additional information on healthcare design at Bernstein & Associates, Architects, please see: http://bernarch.com/healthcare-design

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The firm’s laboratory design revolves around several factors including: functionality, understanding the macro and micro needs of the entire lab in detail, creating an efficient infrastructure for the flow of products and staff in and out of the facility as well as between different parts of the facility, flexible environments which allow for growth and change, comfort, ergonomics, and visual/spatial appeal. The firm has extensive experience with almost every laboratory project type, a wide range of prominent research and commercial laboratory clients, extensive laboratory design references as well as extensive laboratory design publications. For additional information on laboratory design at Bernstein & Associates, Architects, please see: http://bernarch.com/laboratory-design

Within this general category, the firm is extensive experience in the following commercial architecture project types: offices, restaurants, and historic structures. For additional information on commercial design at Bernstein & Associates, Architects, please see: http://bernarch.com/commercial